Fill-In-the-Blank Thank-You Notes: Tacky or Timesaver?



My son had 15 classmates at his birthday party recently, and we've yet to send out his thank you notes.

It's not like I can make him write them himself. He can scribble his name pretty well and is learning to write, but nothing more than a few words.

So the job falls to me, and to make my life easier (time time time), I'm thinking of buying a pack of these fill-in-the-blank cards.


These little notes require no creativity or literary talent whatsoever, which my zombie brain won't have much of at 10:30 tonight when I'll finally get around to doing them.

And, with only having to write about three words per card, I certainly don't have to worry about writer's cramp: Dear Justin Thank you for the Transformers. It is so cool! From, Aidan

I think they're a great idea for busy moms, how about you?

Are these cards are major cop out? Is gratitude more heartfelt and meaningful when you receive a handwritten, traditional thank-you card?

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