Sorbet Cocktail Recipe, Hangover Cures: Links I Love

I went and saw the movie The Hangover this weekend (by the way, absolutely hilarious), so I was inspired to do a link roundup about those (more or less) pre-baby boozing days.


Check out some low-cal cocktails that won't ruin your beach bod. — That's Fit

Hangover cures. These are definitely good to know. — Healthy Living Buzz

This Sorbet Cocktail Recipe is perfect for a hot summer day. — Woman's Day

Great book for those party-turned-pregnant ladies out there. It gives a funny insight into learning how to survive without your Friday night cocktail and includes over 50 mocktail recipes! — Parent Dish 

Six reasons why kids and hangovers don't mix. — Lil Sugar 

What are some of your favorite cocktails (or mocktails)?

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