Rubber Stamps Can Be the Life of the Party

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A kid's birthday party can be expensive, so why not cut costs where you can and make part of the party prep a craft experience you can do together? The secret? Rubber stamps!

Say you are having a bowling party. You can make four invites out of one 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. Print out the details, positioning text in four spots (or hand write), then stamp with Cupcake Tree's Bowling Set Hand Carved Rubber Stamps ($8).


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You can also go with this cute Cupcake with Sprinkles ($9) stamp or many of the selections from Cupcake Tree. They offer rubber stamps with roller-skates, balloons, cows, flowers, and so much more.

Here are some more suggestions on how rubber stamps can enhance your party:

  • Play with colored paper or inks.
  • Wrap your child's gift in plain paper, then stamp to match the invites (seen above).
  • Include stamp as tag on any party favors.
  • Get fabric ink and stamp design on your child's t-shirt or make it an activity for the kids at the party. Tell them to a bring plain white tee for craft fun.

Have any other ideas on using rubber stamps for a kid's party? Share!

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