Pizza Three Times a Week -- Good or Bad?

pizza for dinnerIt's not a regular occurance, but I'll admit to falling back on pizza a little too much during hectic weeks. Such as when my husband and I must both work late, when one of us is sick, has an appointment, or we've just plain run out of creative steam in the kitchen.

Three things in life are certain: death, taxes, and kids will always eat pizza.

Sometimes we order out, but if time permits I'll make my own pies so I can add some "healthier stuff" into the mix. I buy whole wheat dough in the grocery store (thought I'm doubtful it's that much better for you) and some sauce from our favorite Italian deli.


I'll use low-fat cheese and try to include at least one vegetable, like mushrooms, broccoli or zucchini, cut up real small and mixed with the sauce so it's barely perceptible.

The possibilities are endless. Once in a while I'll make a Hawaiian pizza, with crumbled bacon and pineapple chunks. Delicioso!

Makes me want to have pizza again for dinner tonight. I think we will. Four times a charm!



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Is it wrong to serve one convenience food more than once a week? What is your family's fall-back meal for the days you just can't get it together?

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