How to Create a Robot-Themed Party

robot-themed party

Transformers may be a hit movie for this summer, but robots have been a rage amongst youngters for quite some time.


If you're searching for theme ideas for your kid's next birthday, how about a robot-themed party? I admit, I have a slight obsession with themed parties (themed anything, to be completely honest), and I love this idea. Here are some tips to get your started on creating your own robot-themed party:

  • Activity: Set up a robot assemblying station. Gather boxes of various sizes, foil, toilet paper tubes, stickers, and other various items that are easily found around the house that they can use to create their own machine.
  • Food and drink: Your can use basic party food and drink but you can put a fun spin on it by labeling them with names like "machine oil" for the punch or "bolts" for chips.
  • Decor: Metallic colors!
  • Party favors: Small flashlights or glow-in-the dark items.
  • Game: "Robot Says". Remember "Simon Says"? Same idea, but the "Robot" has the controller (i.e. a flashlight or other flashing device). When the light is on, the kids have to listen to the robot, when the light is off, they freeze and ignore instructions.

What are your favorite themes for kids' parties?

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