Fun Food: Links I Love

play food

Photo by Manda5463

As moms, we tend to discourage kids from playing with their food. But, these links show food can be fun, and might even entice the kiddos to clean their plates!


These mural meals are edible works of art. Learn how to make a rice and bean  zebra supreme, choo choo grilled cheese train, and more! — Lil Sugar

Here's a fun activity for the whole family to do together: make homemade peanut butter!  — Parent Dish

Now these meals are some that the adults can appreciate, especially with summer quickly approaching, meals that help flatten that tummy! — That's Fit

Check out these crazy pizza creations. I wouldn't necessarily want to try all of them (squid ink pizza? eww!) but they are kinda fun to look at. — Woman's Day

Junk food is fun food, I think we can all agree on that. But unfortunately it's not healthy food. So I was excited to see this list of junk foods that are guilt-free that include brownies and buffalo wings.  — Yahoo

Here at CafeMom we loooooove cupcakes! These handmade cupcakes may not be edible but they are still so sweet! — buggabug's Etsy shop

It's hot outside, meaning perfect time for ice cream! Jazz up a normal ice cream treat by making it into an ice cream clown! — Family Fun

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