Family Meals: Do You Eat Together?

Last week CafeMom asked a top nutritionist about how to feed a family healthy meals on a budget. Today we delve into the discussion a bit further.

Dr. Shirley Kindrick told us is that families who eat together tend to have healthier diets. Furthermore, this healthy eating habit continues even when the kids grow up and leave the house. An interesting observation, but I wondered how true this is for most families. Do most families eat together for health reasons or is there something more? As you can probably imagine, CafeMoms had a lot to share about families eating together.


Most moms agreed that eating together was important "family time" for their families. It gave them a chance to be together and discuss their respective days.

For example, Rachel315 says:

I enforce eating together at the kitchen table because I feel that it's important family time. If I do this now (when my son is young) then he'll enjoy and understand it when he's older. I'm kinda old fashioned...My grandparents made dinners huge events, the celebration of just getting together. I think its a tradition that needs to be carried on.

Moms were more mixed about whether or not there is a connection between family meals and healthy eating. Some moms said that they do eat healthier together, but as SweetCandyGirl shares:

We do eat together at dinner time, but breakfast is just me and my daughter and same with lunch. However, does that pertain to nutrition? I don't know...We don't always have the healthiest meals, even when eating together. I think it may be good health for a family bonding thing, but not necessarily for healthy food. To me that just doesn't go hand in hand.

And for some busy moms like Kristi80 making sure their families eat healthy meals is a huge priority, but they sometimes don't have enough time to sit down with them:

We do not always eat together. I cook healthy meals & make pretty much everything from scratch, but I do not sit at the table with my husband & kids. I serve them & get them seconds of whatever they ask for & clean up the kitchen while they are eating. After supper we go outside with the kids or watch a movie with them if its already dark. I would love to sit down with them, but I just cant find the time to do that & still have time after supper for us all to be together.

Does your family eat togethert? Why or why not?

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