Summer Steampot Recipe

Photo by bishop96

Call me a foodie (or a fatty), but some of my most fond memories of those family beach vacations were chowing down on some fresh seafood.


All those crab shacks that dotted along the beach shore...mmm!!! What I really loved was getting those huge steampots filled to the brim with seafood, potatoes, and all kinds of fixins'! I found a great recipe to recreate yourself while you're on your beach vacation (or even at home!).

2 small new potatoes
1 ear sweet corn in husk
6 small cherrystone clams
6 large oysters
3 large hard shell crabs
1/4 lb. medium shrimp in shells
1 quart of water
1/2 cup vinegar

In large steamer, bring to a rapid boil, water and vinegar. In top of steamer, add potatoes, cover & steam for 15 minutes.

Add corn, continue steaming 10 minutes, then add seafood & steam until crabs are bright red and clam and oysters shells have opened.

Serve with lemon and melted butter.

Spread newspapers over picnic table & dump drained food on table. Furnish lots of napkins and plenty of butter.

You can also add mussels.

This can be prepared in the kitchen, barbeque grill or over an open fire on the beach.

Wow this sounds tasty! What's your favorite vacation food?

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