Reusable Sandwich Bags Found!

Michele Zipp


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Jennifer Wilson Orr, contributor to Ideal Bite's Mama Bite is here for a guest post!

Finally, after months spent training myself to bring reusable bags to the grocery store, I was ready to tackle the next plastic culprit in my home: sandwich bags.

Kindergarten started last fall, and Little Miss Persnickety only eats PB&J. I thought finding a reusable lunch container would be simple enough, but the ones I tried were either too hard for her to open or wouldn't fit in her sweet Hello Kitty lunchbox. And so the dreaded plastic sandwich bag entered our house. Fine, I thought. I'll just wash and reuse them. Looking back, I chuckle at the sight of me leaning over the sink, furiously scrubbing melted peanut butter out of a ridiculously tiny plastic bag. Uh...yeah...that didn't last long.

As luck would have it, one of the catalog companies didn't believe me when I told them, no, I really don't want you stuffing my mailbox with needless paper, and sent me another catalog anyway. Thank goodness, because I found it in one of those catalogs! The Wrap-N-Mat!

It was a little piece of reusable wrapping paper for your sandwich (I have a thing for wrapping paper...I know, not very eco of me, but I'm working through it). I was instantly sold and ordered two right away. They have been the best purchase I've made since the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (yes, I know, not eco either...sigh).

The Wrap-N-Mat is made of thick, reusable, BPA-free plastic on one side and fabric on the other, with a Velcro closure. It satisfies all my requirements: fits in Hello Kitty, easy for little fingers, and only requires a wipe with the sponge to clean. I'm so delighted with it that I almost forgot the best part: See ya plastic sandwich bags! Now if I could just find an eco replacement for the Magic Eraser...

How do you pack your child's (or your own) sandwiches? Do you use plastic or paper?

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