Is Sharing Food With Your Kids Yucky?


"Want a lick?"

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More than two-thirds of moms say they share food and drinks with their kids, according to a recent poll by gypsy_rose in The CafeMom Newcomer's Club. And I do mean sharing in the "swapping spit" kind of way. Using the same fork, biting from the same bun, drinking from the same cup.

I count myself in that group, and am one of the more lenient spit sharers, judging by some of the rules other moms use.

I will ...

-- Allow my kids to use my fork or spoon.

-- Take a bite off of something they just bit, and visa versa.

-- Share bottled water or drinks, though I will conduct a full mouth inspection beforehand to make sure it is free of stray cookie crumbs, bagel blobs, or other visual reminders that backwash is in there. Out of sight, out of mind, is my philosophy.

Other moms' rules ...

-- We share everything except milk, cereal and ice cream.

-- A bite or two to taste, but not actual sharing.

-- Food but not drink I get the heebie-jeebies thinking of backwash. I give her controlled bites or break off pieces of food.

-- I can't stand the thought of drinking someone else's spit. I won't even eat chips from the bag if it's already been opened because someones hand was probably in there.

-- I usually don't share food or drinks with my son. I absolutely HATE when relatives think they can share food with him. Its disgusting.

When you were little, did you share food with your own parents? Do you or would you still do that today?

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auror... aurorabunny

If you have something or your kids have something what are the chances that you're not going to wind up with it anyways?  So yes we share food and drink.

shakl... shaklee_momma

I do agree to a point.  I share food with my kids, but I limit it to just food.  I'm weirded out by seeing the "back wash" when I share a drink with my kids.  As they get older, it's not so bad, it's when they are young and learning to drink from a cup. 

trebe... trebelcleff

I don't usually, unless it is something cut up and untouched (like fruit) or something I can break apart (like toast). I NEVER drink after him (ewwww!) and only on rare occasions do I share a utensil. My DH on the other hand is much more lenient... he takes bites with my son's fork from food that is questionable in my standards, and they share water bottles sometimes (usually because our son gets to it before my DH can stop him). To each their own I suppose!

critt... crittermomma

I will share anything with my kids, and that includes licking chocolate/yogurt/ice cream/ect. off of their fingers and faces LOL (um, they do it to me too).  Weird family quirks.  I wouldn't share water bottles with the boy though, not until this year (he's five) because of "floaters"... those strange bits that get backwashed.  Blech!

isaac1 isaac1

we use to share with are son...when we went on vacation and learned that when we went out to eat and oneof us couldnt eat are own meal bcause he had to eat of are plate even if he had what we now we have made the rule that he must at all times eat off his plate and drink out of his cup not anyone elses...we tell relatives that he must eat/drink his own not theirs.

Fallaya Fallaya

We "only" shared a body for 39 weeks...why is it weird to share FOOD? 

Octob... Octobersmom

I share with hubby doesn't.  I hate when other people try to share with her though.  I cringe everytime and come up with a reason why she can't have what they are offering.

Aemelia Aemelia

I shared my body with them I shared my breastmilk with them of course I share my food with them.

I kiss them on the lips too.

But I wouldn't eat after them when they were tiny because baby drool creeps me out.  But my youngest is almost 3 so sure we share all sorts of stuff.  I only buy one drink for my sons when we go to the movies because I expect them to share and they are 11 and 13.  If there was visible floaties in something after my daughter had a drink then no way would I drink it.  I don't share anything caffienated with my kids, because I am not insane I like it when they sleep!

Arkaidy Arkaidy

Yes, it's yucky, growing a human in your belly and pushing it out of your vagina is yucky too. Breast feeding, wiping their genitals? EEEEWWWW. Get real, lol.

I share everything with my daughter, I have no problems with her spit, boogers, vomit, poop, etc. Other kids, no thanks, but my sweet lil' precious bug? I'll take it!

That said, she is notorious for having half her lunch end up in her cup, lol, so after a few sips, I stay clear of that, but it's not cause of her germs, I just don't like food in my beverage. :)


I'm really surprised that a mom would find using her kid's fork gross. Really, your own baby?

loveb... lovebabyslobers

i dont find it gross or anything i mean she is my own flesh and blood, BUT, i was in a volantary parenting class before my baby was born and they said, that when you share food, drinks, forks, stuff like that where the transfere of spit can happen that you transfere some of the bactirea in your mouth to thiers, especially in young babies it can lead to pretooth decay. and in older babies it can make thier gums unhealthy. Now with that being said i know that what i just said might make some parents mad or something I AM NOT telling any one what to do or indicating that anyone in here is a bad mother thats not what im saying. i just put in my 2 cents about what i heard. i dont know how much medical back up that has to it but they also said that during a WIC class

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