Jamie Oliver's New Reality Show Produced by Ryan Seacrest

Jamie Oliver

Scott Barbour/Getty


Excited about British chef Jamie Oliver's new upcoming reality show, produced by Ryan Seacrest.



Oh, Jamie Oliver, I have loved your cute smile way of cooking for so long. Seriously, we probably have four of his cookbooks in our house. And have you ever seen the way this man chops up a salad? Yum!

In any case, I'm looking forward to seeing Jamie's new ABC reality show, produced by Ryan Seacrest, in which Jamie will visit some of "America's fattest cities" and provide healthy, local food alternatives in the schools, workplaces, and more.

This sounds like a great way to spread the word about local farmer's markets and farms. And as long as they keep it real and affordable, Jamie has such a down-to-earth, "regular guy" presence that the the healthy eating concept might just stick for some participants and viewers.

I'll be tuning in for sure.

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