New Pepsi Throwback vs. Pepsi: A Taste Test


Regular Pepsi vs. new Pepsi Throwback

The new Pepsi Throwback is sweetened with sugar instead of the high fructose corn syrup that's been sweetening Pepsi for about the last 20 years. I conducted a taste test between regular Pepsi and Pepsi Throwback.


No matter what you believe to be true about the possible health risks of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), many Americans are giving HFCS the old heave-ho. There has been much talk about HFCS attributing to diabetes, weight gain, and other diseases and possibly even being toxic. Dr. Oz of Oprah fame highly recommends quitting HFCS. First Lady Michelle Obama won't buy foods with HFCS for her family. 

I tend to fall among the "believers" on this one. When it comes to feeding my family, I figure real food is always the better choice over something processed (not that we don't eat plenty of processed convenience food anyway). So whenever possible, I'm all for using natural sugar over processed sweeteners of any kind.

And apparently I'm not the only one. So many people across the nation are giving HFCS up, in fact, that big companies like Pepsi are starting to take notice and offer alternatives.

I do like an occasional Pepsi, so I was pretty excited to try out Pepsi Throwback (there's a Mountain Dew Throwback too), which is sweetened with plain old sugar instead of HFCS. Even better, I really liked and preferred Pepsi Throwback to regular Pepsi. For me, Pepsi Throwback was cleaner tasting, less syrupy, and didn't leave that funny caramel aftertaste on the back of my tongue.

I give Pepsi Throwback a thumbs up!



Do you limit high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in your house?

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Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

I was excited to hear about this Pepsi Throwback, but sad to know it's only for a limited time. I hope Pepsi keeps it around!

Snapple just changed their "recipe" and it tastes so much better now!

Rissa... RissaBusch

I tried it over the weekend and fell in love with it.  I am not even a big fan of pop but this was good.  It tasted much smoother.  I could get used to drinking it.  It would be hard to switch back to regular pepsi now.


I still haven't had the chance to try it, but I've noticed that Coke and Pepsi made in Hawaii tastes totally different from the soda here on the mainland. It tastes like it was made with pure cane sugar. I wanted to try Pepsi Throwback because I miss that flavor. The cola at Whole Foods is awesome too. It's so good and way less sweet with no HFCS.

Because my kids can't have soda, we buy Langers Juice which is clearly labeled, No HFCS. It's a start, but more companies should follow suit.

tgiamt tgiamt

I'm a mt dew-aholic, I accidently bought the throwback. It was bad, just bad. It tasted sweeter than reg mt dew. I would love it if the went to pure can sugar, but thats not what it is.

RanaA... RanaAurora

I tried it, and I really liked it.  It made me very happy both in taste AND because the ingredient list is VERY short with no HFCS.  It's still not my Blue Sky cola, but it's a non-HFCS cola I can afford. :)

I hope they keep it around.  It would be a mistake for them not to.

ThePo... ThePopeVI

I havent tried the Pepsi but I tried the Dew.... the Dew is NOT as good its not bad but its not good.... BUT I just quit drinking Mt Dew on a normal basis a few weeks ago and my Aunt let me try a drink of her NOT COLD MT Dew Throwback..... I am afraid to try it cold for fear I'll like it too much LOL

moman... momandvet

There is also Pepsi Natural but its pricy. 

scien... science_spot

I couldn't tell the difference, but I drink Diet Pepsi, so I am sure that's why.  I have forgotten what regular Pepsi tastes like!

auror... aurorabunny

Eh.  We don't drink soda anymore but I'm not sure what to think of this one.  HFCS is a disaster but really so is refined sugar.  Alert me when they release agave Pepsi.  ;)  Like that will ever happen! 

britn... britngavin

Hmmm, I'll have to try it. I saw it at Wal-Mart but was scared to try it for fear they screwed with my favorite Pepsi taste.

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