I Love Applesauce & Other Weird Food Quirks

food quirks

Photo from Mott's

We all have weird food quirks. Or maybe it's just me. OK, applesauce. When I eat chicken, I must have applesauce. And it must be Mott's Original. This applesauce love started when I was a teenager. And that was a long time ago.


What's also funny is that I don't like apple juice. I enjoy a fresh apple cider on occasion though. And I don't like apples. Mainly because I can't stand cutting them.

I don't like onions. If they are minced and cooked really well, I am OK with them being in my food, but since my husband doesn't like them either, they never come in the house.

I don't eat fish. Shell fish, yes. Anything else, no. I wish I could change this -- I just don't like it. Blame it on a food sickness long ago after eating some flounder.

I like my coffee hot and my tea iced -- no matter what time of year it is.

And we thought kids were the only picky eaters!?

What about you? What are your food quirks?

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