Swine Flu: Should We Give Pigs A Break?



Lots of people are up in arms because these think the term "swine flu" is offensive and misleading.

What do you think it should be called?


Farmers, pork lobbyists, and agricultural groups are worried that the term "swine flu" is scaring consumers away from eating pork. They argue that this term is inappropriate for this virus because there have been no cases of this particular strain in pigs; moreover, it is being spread from human-to-human, not from pig-to-human. Therefore, people in the pork industry  are encouraging the federal government to refer to the virus by its scientific name: "H1N1 flu."

Additionally, other people have recommended that the term H1N1 flu be used so as not to offend Jewish and Muslim sensitivities surrounding pork.

I've even heard people refer to the virus as the "North American Multi-Flu", given that it is a combination of multiple flu strains including swine, avian, and human.

What do you think? Should we refer to the virus by another term that might not cause so much anxiety?

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