Baby Showers for Military Moms



I came across Operation Shower while researching some ideas for baby showers. This non-profit organization produces and coordinates baby showers for expecting moms who have spouses serving in the military overseas during their pregnancies. It's a way to support and show appreciation for our military families.

How does it work exactly?




Here's what Lena Morrissey, co-founder and Chief Shower Officer of Operation Shower, had to say about the organization:

CM: What does Operation Shower do?

We do two things: First, we host unit-wide celebrations for Mother's Day. These are baby showers held at military bases. We have food, raffle items, prizes, and we present each mom with a "Shower In A Box." This year we are hosting two showers to honor 65 moms—one at Ft. Hood in Texas on May 2, and the second at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois.

Second, throughout the year, we also send a "Shower In A Box" to moms-to-be who have spouses serving overseas. Families (usually husbands or significant others) nominate these moms to receive a box.


What is included in a "Shower In A Box."?

We look at registries and figure out what moms usually register for. The items in box are representative of the things that you would receive at a baby shower—bath items, hooded towels, bath products, diapers, wipes, onesies, baby clothes, baby shoes, diaper bags, items for the moms like journals or mom jewelry, blankets, and toys.

Why did you start Operation Shower?

My uncle was in the military and had gone through a similar situation in which he was deployed in Afghanistan when his youngest son was born. My uncle didn't get to see his son until he was 6-months-old! I always remembered him talking about this. He had mentioned to me that a lot of people forget about the moms who stay behind on the military bases. Nine times out of ten they are on the base without any family. Operation Shower is a way to say "thank you" and "we support you" to these moms for holding it all together while their spouse is away. It's also nice for the husbands and significant others who are serving overseas to know that moms are being looked out for during the pregnancy.


To donate to Operation Shower or to nominate a military mom to receive a "Shower In A Box," visit the Operation Shower Web site.


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