Home Gardeners Swap Food With New Site

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Anyone who grows their own food and knows firsthand what it's like to get too much zucchini and not enough arugula will appreciate Veggie Trader.

This new site connects home gardeners who want to trade, buy, or sell their surplus produce. How does it work?


It couldn't be easier:

  1. Complete the free registration on the site.
  2. Browse available produce in or near your zip code or post your own excess fruits, veggies, nuts, and herbs.
  3. Conduct the negotiation and swap.

Not only is this a great way to maximize your gardening experience and make sure your extra produce doesn't go to waste, but it also provides an opportunity to connect and get to know your neighbors! Plus, it's a great resource for people looking for local food.

Veggie Trader launched just three weeks ago, and already it has more than 1,200 registered users. Most of the users so far are from regions like California and Arizona where the growing seasons are well underway. So, when I searched my Chicago zip code, the closest available produce it came up with was in Ohio. That makes perfect sense— not a lot is growing here in Illinois mid-April. I'm keeping an eye on it and expecting it to pick up in a few weeks.

I think this sustainable site is such a great idea! How about you? Will you use it (once your garden starts growing)?


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