Tres Leches Cake With Strawberries




The recipe you're about to read won't change your life or even make it easier. It's not exactly simple, and it's definitely not quick. Oh, and it's in no way, shape, or form, good for you...




So why am I posting about Tres Leches Cake Topped With Almond Cream, Strawberry Coulis, and Honey Almonds?


I'm posting because I was so proud of myself for making this complicated dessert, that I just had to brag! Sometime we just have to share the little triumphs, you know? Plus, I know many of you readers out there are serious cooks, and while you might not have the time to replicate this delicious treat, you definitely might appreciate reading about it all the same.

"Tres Leches" is Spanish for "Three Milk Cake." Traditionally, the cake is soaked in three kinds of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream. This version, however, is soaked in a sweet mixture of sour cream, heavy cream, sugar, vanilla and almond extracts, and splash of cherry liquor—but it tastes very simliar to the traditional recipe.

After the cake is baked and cooled, you poke holes into it and pour the cream mixture over top. Trust me, this process takes a loooong time. After everyone went to bed on Saturday night, I was there in my kitchen, poking hole after hole after hole and encouraging the cake to soak up all the cream. It was worth it, though! Everyone loved it when I topped it with almond whipped cream, strawberry coulis, toasted honey almonds, and fresh strawberries when I served it at Easter dinner.

If you are interested in the recipe, I got it from one of my favorite food blogs called Lottie & Doof. (At the very least, I encourage you to click on the recipe just to see the pics, as Tim's photography skills are far superior to mine!) I followed his recipe pretty closely with a few exceptions: Due to my fridge and pantry lacking certain ingredients I was forced to substitute strawberries for blackberries in the coulis, and honey instead of maple syrup for the crunchy almond topping. And I was still thrilled with how it turned out!

Now it's YOUR turn to brag. What have you made that you were ridiculously proud of?


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