Easter Bunny Racers!

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How adorable are these Bunny Racers! Want to know how you and your kids can put them together?




It's quite simple, really. Just "glue" the following treats together with frosting:

Car body: Ho Hos Hostess cakes

Driver: Peeps bunny

Seat back: Peach rings

Tires and Steering Wheel: Life Savers


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dd072175 dd072175

Those are adorable, my boys will love them. Thanks.

Lumin... LuminousMom

LOL those are so cute!!

nonmember avatar hana

These are sooo cute. I remember i tried building something similar to this for Christmas with edible Santa and his overflowing back on a sleigh but that took me hours! this looks a lot simpler and easy to put together :) thanks for sharing.

hana at celebrations.com

Solera Solera

Those are super cute.  The only things I am missing to do them are a swiss roll type cake like little debbie makes, and the lifesavers.

Peajewel Peajewel

I am in love with these.  What a fun craft for the kids to make this weekend.  I am going to try this with our Easter story cookies!  Thanks!

cierr... cierrasmommy709

i am going to do this at my moms this weekend the kids will love doing these :)

nonmember avatar Glenna

I'd heard that these were featured in Family Fun magazine one time, but I can't find them on their website, do you know if that's true (that they were in that mag)? Also, what is that on top of the bunny's ears, and what is it supposed to represent?

nonmember avatar avaranuawaymn

Hello im new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself, im a bike builder in florida and love it, lots of fun and lots of cool ass people to hang out with . Anyways thanks for allowing me to join the forum.

aneela aneela


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