What Is Your One Food Indulgence?


Wow. One pound of coffee for $229.95? One teeny-tiny chocolate truffle for $250? Women's Day has a list of the 12 most expensive food and drinks. And, I'm finding it hard to believe some of these prices—$1,000 for a sundae!?!?

True, most of these are over the top. But we all have some sort of food indulgence that we splurge on, some more expensive than others...



Mine is chocolate—and not the cheap, sugary, milk chocolate you find in the grocery store candy aisle, but rich, quality, dark chocolate.  Luckily, I've found a way to keep my dark chocolate cravings within my budget. I can get a whole bar of specialty dark chocolate at Trader Joe's for around $2, and it (usually) lasts me up to one week (provided I exercise some restraint!).

What is your one food indulgence, that one, blissful treat that just makes the whole day better? I know you've got one...



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