Have You Tried New Coke?






In a widely expected move, Coke has finally caved to the pressure (put on it by more popular carbonated beverages on the market) and released the long-anticipated New Coke! Look for a rad New Coke commercial premiering tomorrow night during The Cosby Show.

How brilliant to change a cola formula that has been popular for the last 99 years. I really think this awesome new product is going to be a HUGE success, don't you?




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o my god so freaken funny man lol happy april fools ladies

women... womenrule

that is so funny!!!! I forgot it was april fools daylaughing

Scout... Scoutmamaof4

The summer I was 22 (LONG time ago) coke actually came out with the new coke.  It was horrible stuff.  At the end of the summer they announced coke classic, which was the same old coke, only with high fructose corn syrup instead of sugar.  Brilliant move on their part because if they had just changed the formula people would have objected, but as it was everyone was so glad to get the classic back, most people didn't notice.

Tracys2 Tracys2

I think I did try new coke. I didn't drink a lot of soda in the 80s but I gave it a try. Which makes me one of about 20 people on earth who did try it!

(I thought your question was to give us older people something to reminisce about)

Wyndi Wyndi

I figured this was a prank. but I did try the "new" coke back in the day. it was horrible. I nearly switched to another brand when they brought back the original formula.

PamR PamR

I thought I was having a flashback to 1985! Good one!

Jenny... JennyMarie

OH LORD! You scared me to death!

Conno... ConnorsMom06

Oh my gosh I remember this.  Horrible stuff!  I was so glad they came back with Coke classic.  Too funny CafeMom, you really made my April Fools Day! 

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