Should Restaurants Offer "Baby Seating"?



A writer for Serious Eats suggests that restaurants offer an early "baby seating." Similar to movie theaters that offer mommy and baby showings on weekday mornings, restaurants would advertise special baby-friendly dining hours as a way to attract parents who would otherwise choose to stay home with their babies.

What do you think of this idea? Would you take advantage of "baby-friendly" hours?

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risas... risas11722

I dont think its necessary.  I have gone out to eat with my son since he was 2 months old.  He has never been a burden or bothered anyone. 

Pauli... Pauline3283

I'd go.  My two year old isn't the best kid to take out to eat yet.  It would be nice if he weren't the ONLY child around behaving that way.  It sucks knowing I'll have to wait a year or two until I can take him to eat without a struggle.

Brade... Bradensmommy719

my son has always been well behaved in a restaurant. we always take him with us no matter the time. hes 13 months and we have never had a problem.

justa... justanotherjen

I don't see the point.  Then again we only eat at "family-friendly" resturants.  Like someone else said...if they offer a fun, colorful children's menu then kids are welcome there at any time in my opinion.  We usually only go out for breakfast or lunch (dinner time is too crowded and noisy for me) and there are times we go out to eat every week.  My kids have been eating out since they were born and are usually well behaved because we don't allow them to act up.  At one time we had 3 toddlers out to eat and still they were better behaved then most of the older kids we saw and we always get complimented when we are out on how good they are.

And the nicer the place the better I expect them to act.  But we usually eat at IHOP, Applesbees, Red Robin, etc.  All of those are places I would expect to see children at any time.

nonmember avatar kelly

maybe they could have an area in resturants for breastfeeding. i have the blanket and i do that but some arnt comfortable with it or its not comfortable where i am so i have to resort to going to the car to feed my baby.

shiva... shivasgirl

when I was a single mom, my son was often my date for out to eats...I raised him to be very polite and gentlemanly in a restaurant...when  he was 8 we went to a place that asked me "smoking or non smoking?" and my son asked them, very seriously, if they could seat us away from the, I loved it!! now as the mother of 3 yr old twins and a special needs 5yr old, I wish there was a separate room for family seating, maybe for kids under that I could ensure my kids were not bothering other diners, and that when my husband and I have the rare kid free night out, we wouldnt have to be bothered by anyone elses' 

organ... organicfood

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081109 081109

It doesn't matter what time I bring my son, it's horrible.  He isn't loud but he sure is squirmy, sitting in one spot is not something he loves and I feel really bad when I see the look on his face if I try to tie him down into a baby chair (which he's too big for but most boosters don't have belts).  So we've pretty much given up on that and he's only just turned 12 months.

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