Do You Have Family Fun Night?

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Here's an idea for a frugal night in with the family: Institute a weekly night where you get together and celebrate with a favorite food or activity. Kids love routine, and this way they have something fun (and cheap!) to look forward to each week.

Pretty brilliant, right?



Cafe Melisa from Pregnancy Buzz actually gave me the idea. She and her family have a Pizza-and-Movie Night every Saturday. They make homemade pizzas (getting creative by changing the toppings weekly!) and watch movies. And her kids love it!

Want some other ideas for family fun night?

  • Cafe Sheri (Home and Garden Buzz) and Cafe MichelleL (Entertainment Buzz) also have Pizza Night every Friday.
  • Cafe Kristen from Healthy Living Buzz and her family have Taco Night on Fridays.
  • Along these lines (but during the day), Cafe Kierna of Big Kid Buzz says Big Breakfast Saturdays—with pancakes, turkey bacon, grits, and cheddar eggs—are a huge hit with her family.
  • We do Breakfast for Dinner (or Brinner, as I like to call it) each week. We also do a Crepe Breakfast Bar on Saturday mornings. My husband makes crepes, and we set all different kinds of toppings out on the counter (peanut butter, fruit, jam, nuts, chocolate, etc.) and go to town filling the crepes with crazy combinations!

Here are some other activities for family fun night:

  • Indoor picnic
  • Board game night with snacks
  • Make your own ice cream sundaes

Do you have a family night? What activities do you do?





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