Do You Eat More Candy in the Recession?


The New York Times reports that candy consumption is at an all-time high during this recession. Some think this is because candy makes people feel better during tough economic times, while others believe candy is a low-cost nostalgic reminder of better times.


Candy makers like Hershey, Cadbury, and Nestle are all reporting rising sales and profits, and candy stores across the country are struggling to keep candy on the shelves. I've heard there's such a thing as "recession pounds"—people indulging in sweets and comfort food when times are tough. Could increased candy consumption be a sign of this?

I'm not eating more candy, but I have been baking a ton these days. Sometimes when I'm feeling a bit low, I find that getting out my recipes and whipping up some sweet treats definitely lifts my spirits.

Have you found yourself eating more candy (or anything else) in the current economy?

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