Kids in the Kitchen: A How-To Guide





Are your little ones always underfoot in the kitchen? Do you have a budding chef on your hands?

Here's everything you need to know about how to cook with kids...


Aimee Wimbush-Bourque of Under the High Chair recently wrote a great piece for Simple Mom called "6 Ways to Thrive in the Kitchen With Kids." This food columnist, mommy blogger, and former personal chef knows firsthand that spending time in the kitchen with kids can be enormously rewarding—yet stressful at times. She offers the following helpful tips to make the experience safe, educational, creative, and fun for everyone:

  1. Start teaching at the grocery store: Involve kids in the decision-making process and use a trip to the store as an opportunity to learn about new foods.
  2. Set kitchen guidelines early, and never waver: It's never too early to learn about knife and oven safety.
  3. Set yourself up properly: Be organized, wear an apron, have clean-up solutions ready, etc.
  4. Talk, taste, and sing: Time in the kitchen with kids should be both educational and fun.
  5. Give small tasks to children: Help your kids feel included by giving them safe tasks to do including greasing pans, rolling dough, etc.
  6. End with clean-up: Teach your kids early on that clean-up is all part of the activity and can even be fun, too!

Don't forget to read Aimee's entire post about cooking with kids, which includes lots of additional suggestions for how to make the process go smoothly.


Do you cook with your kids? Any tips for kitchen safety?


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