Should Cities Ban Fast Food Near Schools?


A new study in California shows a strong link between teen obesity and the proximity of fast food restaurants to schools.

According to an article in the LA Times, the presence of a fast food chain like McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut within walking distance of school (about 530 feet or less) resulted in a 5.2 percent increase in incidence of student obesity when compared with students attending schools NOT near restaurants.

Although obesity can be caused by several things including genetics, lack of exercise, and nutrition, researchers believe that proximity to schools is a contributing factor. Students say that they not only consume a lot of fast food because it's the closest place to get food near school, but also that they often hang out a lot at these establishments. Moreover, researchers think that the situation is especially dire for young people, who may be more susceptible to the temptation of fast food compared with people of other age groups.

In an effort to curtail growing rates of diabetes and heart disease among young people, state and local governments in California (and across the country) have started to ban certain foods in schools including soda, junk food, trans fats, and even bake sales.

Could banning fast food restaurants near schools be next? Or is it enough to teach nutrition in schools? What do you think should be done?

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proud... proud2Bmomma

I think parents need to take more responsibility for their kids and I think teens should take some personal responsibility for their own health.  More government intervention is NEVER the answer.

proud... proud2Bmomma

By the way, teens are ALWAYS going to eat this food as long as it is cheapest.

goali... goaliemom93

Teens -all kids for that matter- need to be taught to make better food choices. They could just as easily choose a salad at Mcdonalds or a snack wrap instead of the Big Mac. Blaming the fast food place for being near the school is like a convenience store near the school- should the store be banned because they sell alcohol and it might make teens want to drink? Government control and lazy parenting are getting out of hand!

TuMai... TuMaiidiiTa.

Ohhh I could go for that burger right now!!!!! :P

cm08 cm08

No, I think parents have to start making lunches more often thoughout their entire school years.  It's good to have an option of fast food sometimes and there are healthy food selection that they could choose from.   

I agree with TuMaiidiiTa  and that the burger picture does looks good.  Tongue3

Momma... MommaTasha1003

No, I dont think making Mcd's move is really going to change much, if they are worried about whats around the corner of the schools they should be looking for predetors, and other real dangers.

Nutricion should start AT HOME.... and the schools instead of trying to control whats around it they should try controlling WHATS IN IT! ... Cafeteria food is not the healthiest at all! Its very sad whats in the schools lunch room these days, especially in Highschool.

Lanasmom Lanasmom

It should be up to the parents--not up to the restaurants to monitor who eats there. -- Maybe schools should consider not having open campus, except on fridays, that way students can't eat fast food everyday of the week--but personally, school lunches aren't that nutritional, in my opinon, they aren't a whoel lot better than eating fast food.

Agent... AgentBrez

i agree with proud2Bmomma

justa... justanotherjen

We weren't allowed off campus during the day so it wouldn't have mattered.  Then again we had Taco Bell and Pizza Hut delivered right to our school along with all the crap stuff they served us (they did have some healthy alternatives but I always ate the Pizza Hut).

tgiamt tgiamt

I dont know how most schools are, but we had to walk a decent distance to go to the fast food joints or the convenience store. We werent allowed to drive. And besides, have you seen cafeteria food lately, I'd rather my daughter eat a big mac!!

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