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What's it like being the wife of an executive chef? How do you make a Happy Face Baked Pancake? What is the Slow Food Movement? CafeMom CinnamonScallop tells us all this...and more...






CinnamonScallop is Group Administrator of the Slow Food -- Living Deeper, Consuming Less Group, and Group Member of The Chef's Wife Group.


CM: How many kids do you have?

I have one amazing, sweet, and already cooking 22-month-old little man, Logan.


What is Logan's favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

Right now it's the Happy Face Baked Pancake (as previously seen in Toddler Buzz).

baked pancake


What is Logan's favorite thing to eat for lunch?

Logan loves rice noodles with veggies and a little soy-vay teriyaki sauce. He also loves tuna and egg salad sandwiches. I think he is a dill fan. We are lucky to have a little guy who was a foodie from the very beginning.

What is his favorite thing to eat for dinner?

Right now, he loves homemade soups, Bolognese sauce—haha he could eat it without the noodles—any noodle and sauce dish, steak, hamburgers, and any seafood (thanks to his dad).



What is one thing you can make better than everyone else?

OK, I just asked my mom, who is sitting here with me, and she said my breads and my meat dishes. She says that there is a way I spice and sauce my meats that just makes them delicious. I do a cider-brined turkey baked in Calvados at Thanksgiving that has been a hit with family and friends. I ran a bread-baking business for a while and sold a lot of "specialty" breads. There are a couple easy and delicious recipes for bread on my page. I love the fouace-nutty loaf. Haha, my mom just noted the Buffalo Joes I have in the crock pot right now.

If you could eat one food every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Coffee???? Hahahahaha. Oh, and when I was pregnant, I went through bottles of Sweet Baby Rays Barbecue sauce. So, could I say coffee and barbecue sauce? LOL.

What is the last birthday party you had for Logan and what was the theme?

For Logan's first birthday we were at my parents. I made an applesauce-based spice cake with my mom's ricotta-honey-vanilla frosting. My little man had that cake everywhere. But it was relatively healthy, which was great. This year for his second birthday we are doing individual cakes for all the kids so that can each blow out their own candle.

How did you learn how to cook?

My mom and grandmama got me started. I was underfoot all the time in the kitchen, so they finally put a spoon in my hand and said: Here. Stir this. From there Mom taught me the art of pies, breads, fresh drop noodles, and soups—her Italian tomato bread soup is pure comfort.

Do you have a favorite cookbook?

Right now my favorite is Ferran Adria's latest cookbook, A Day at El Bulli. It is amazing. This man is a true genius. I got this for my husband, Billy, for Christmas. El Bulli is the restaurant of chefs, yet Ferran's way of explaining why he does what he does it truly meant for you and I.

If you could meet one celebrity chef who would it be?

Does my husband count? LOL. Haha. I am such a fan. 


I met Bobbie Flay, and let's just say he and my husband had a difference of opinion about a certain something or someone. I would love to meet Eric Ripert—he is so gifted and just beautiful.

Tell us about your husband's restaurant. What is it like being married to a chef?

Billy, Logan, and I moved from Aspen, CO, to Santa Cruz, CA, to Fort Worth, TX. Here in Fort Worth, he opened the latest Eddie V's and has helped to make this restaurant the BEST in Fort Worth. It's only been open since mid-January, and already they are overbooked every weekend. It helps having the best selection of seafood, genuine Japanese Wagyu beef, and a jazz lounge with live jazz every night. I am so proud of what Billy has accomplished I could burst. Sometimes it's rough: Billy' hours are insane. He goes to work by 9 a.m. and doesn't leave till 11 p.m. Logan misses him something fierce, and I often feel like a single mom. But I love being able to stand behind him and show those who helped him get to where he is how he has finally come into his own.

Why is it important to you to be a part of Slow Food [an international, non-profit organization dedicated to good, clean, and fair food]. How did you get interested in it? 

We all need to be aware of Slow Food and what that organization is working to achieve. One of the mottos of Slow Food is "Know Farmers, Know your Food." It is so true. In the Walmart grocery industry we are part of right now, farmers and producers are getting lost in the fray. There is such a crazy fine print list of ingredients on the back of every item. If we start showing our children where the food comes from and how they can be part of the farming, the gardening, and the cooking, then that will help us all return to our roots and come together as families. Right now, it is so important to save money on groceries and teach our kids the values in doing "chores" like weeding, planting, and bringing the produce to the table.

I got interested in Slow Food in part through my husband's involvement. He started the Eddie V's restaurant group donating all their leftover fryer oil to bio-diesel, and is also in the process of donating his vegetable waste to local farmers for compost.  Also, my mom had me in the garden, planting, weeding, pulling seeds, whatever needed to be done, and because of that I love to garden and cook with my own produce. The farmers markets are a special date for our family—going just to taste, smell, meet the producers—it's a great experience.

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