Bad Cafeteria Food: Would You Protest It?

cafeteria foodHow disgusting are school lunches in Rochester, NY? Bad enough that there is a petition demanding healthier cafeteria food with several hundred signatures; a documentary called Lunch Is Gross! produced by disgruntled third graders for a class project; and even a rally protesting poor food quality scheduled this week outside school district headquarters.


As documented by the film, the kids (nearly 29,500 kids in the Rochester school system qualify for free- and reduced-priced meals) are complaining that the cafeteria food is completely unappetizing—41 percent of kids surveyed said they have found hair in their food, while others say it smells like dog food. For many of these children, bringing lunch is NOT an option; they have to make do with low quality food.

Parents and healthy food advocates are also getting on board with the protest because they are concerned that the food being offered is neither high quality nor nutritious. For example, fruit comes from cans because the limited kitchen does not have the space or equipment to serve fresh fruit.

School lunch is definitely an issue we've discussed here in Daily Buzz before. But documentaries, signed petitions, and rallies are taking this controversy to a whole new level.

Is this an issue that is important to you? How far would you go to improve school lunch?

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