Tips for Entertaining Unexpected Guests!

Speaking of parties, we all know how stressful it is when unexpected guests show up to our gatherings and swarm the buffet. What if the food runs out?!

The host in this situation has two choices. One: Throw a tantrum (see accompanying photo), thereby increasing the chances that the unexpected guests (along with your other guests) will vacate the premises immediately. Or, two: Follow the Food Network's advice and dress up whatever you already have on hand in your fridge or pantry. Nuts, cheese, mayo, tuna fish—anything's game here.


Some of my favorite ideas in this article include:

Cube cheese with fruit

Mix mayo with sour cream, hot sauce, and scallions for dip

Toast nuts in a skillet and serve

Microwave butter and dried herbs, spread on crackers, and bake until golden brown

These are so simple and obvious yet never once occurred to me in my moments of party panic!

Have you had the "lovely" experience of having to host unexpected guests?

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