Restaurant Rudeness: What Would You Do?

Has some crotchety person ever told you your kids were being too noisy in a restaurant—when they were actually behaving?

This recently happened to KaedynsMommy, and it practically ruined her evening. While having dinner in a family restaurant with her husband and two kids, she was rudely confronted (must be a member of SAHM group to view original post) by the couple at the next table who said that her 1-year-old "should be taught manners."

Now, I am all for good behavior in restaurants, but it sounds like KaednysMommy's son was just being a normal 1-year-old! And, I'm sort of appalled by how rude this couple was—there's a nicer way of dealing with that situation.

Has this ever happened to you? How would you have responded to that couple?


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