Real Money-Saving Food Tips from a Frugal Mom: TempestRayne

Want to save money at the grocery store? Get real advice from an expert: CafeMom TempestRayne shares a few of her best money-saving food tips.


TempestRayne has several tips for saving money on food:

  1. Bargain shop for groceries. Most grocery stores have circulars that list their weekly or monthly deals. Just grab a few from your local stores if they are not mailed to you and compare! Keep in mind that you should always check the store brand prices as well. Those few cents here and there add up! Many grocery stores now list their bargains on their Web sites as well, so take a peek. 
  2. Check the cost per ounce. The cost per ounce is the key though. Sometimes store brands aren't the cheapest, and that is the best way to tell. Buy whatever is the lowest price per ounce/serving.
  3. Eat eggs anytime. Eggs are a great "anytime meal" idea. They are very versatile and just bland enough on their own to go with anything! You can replace one meal a week with them done up however you like (within reason, no steak and eggs), and save a good $5. Kids especially like having pancakes and eggs for dinner. Buy the store brand of baking/pancake mix and just don't add the eggs—they come out extra fluffy that way.
  4. Cook up beans for protein. Beans are a great source of protein and, in some cases, iron.
  5. Oats for breakfast. Oatmeal makes a great inexpensive and filling breakfast.
  6. Buy meat at reduced prices. Buy meat from the cheap meat bin. It's true that they are still good for 30 days after the average sell by date. Just freeze it.
  7. Stock up on staples. Staples like noodles are almost always cheap. Buy lots of noodles, rice, and potatoes—a little goes a long way though!
  8. Make and freeze meals in advance. Plan your meals for at least one week ahead, preferably two, and make sure to buy slightly larger amounts than you will need—up to double portions of things when you have the money. You can make double portions and freeze some or take it as lunch for a few days. Most leftovers are good in your fridge for three days.
  9. Try frozen veggies. Frozen vegetables are about the same price per serving. They taste better, and they are healthier.
  10. My personal leftover favorite? Leftover taco mix meat can go in chili. It adds a nice kick.

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