It's Friday the 13th!



Do you have paraskavedekatriaphobia? If so, you are afraid of Friday the 13th. And bad news for you, 2009 has three of them, (which is a rare occurrence happening only once every 11 years). has fun facts about the superstitious date and the number 13. My favorite one is that in Paris, paranoid diners can hire a quatorzieme (or professional 14th guest) if they're scared about having 13 guests at a party. Sign me up!

Are you paranoid about Friday the 13th being unlucky?

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itsme... itsmesteph11

No but my mom passed away last month on the 13th. I'm not superstitious but it was a bad day for us.

galab... galabtdwntwn

I think it's amusing when elevators skip the number 13.  Do people on the "14th" Floor of those buildings think that the evil spirits are skipping over their floor?  I think the evil spirits are smarter than that...

fluud7 fluud7

lol to galabtdwntown. i stayed at a hotel in new orleans once and they had their pool and stuff on the 13th floor but no rooms....if i remember correctly.

Katze Katze

My parents were married on Friday the 13th, so I guess it's a lucky day for me. :) I think it would be fun to adopt a black cat today. Maybe on the next Friday the 13th; I need to think up a really good name first

mommy... mommyheymommy

Typically Fri. 13th's have always been good days for me.

wishbook wishbook

Dr. Wayne Dyer, says in his new book: "change your thinking you can change your life."  If you think friday the 13th is unlucky....Guess what is!

Jesse... JessecaLynn

Nope, my baby's first birthday is today, so I think it is a good day.  I've always liked the day.

Tyger... Tygermommanikki

see my post I don't like Friday 13th and would lock myself in house and hide.

Elven... Elvenworld

I agree it will be whatever you wish it to be

sugar... sugarmama725

OMG!! I didnt even realize the fact that it is friday on the 13th, thats how busy I am!!!

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