Wake Up With an Irish Coffee

Irish coffee

Don't you wish every morning could start with an Irish coffee buzz? I do.

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, here's the classic way to mix up this delicious beverage. (And for the non-drinkers of the bunch, I've got some options, as well).


Start Cooking Blog has a step-by-step guide (with helpful photographs, too!) of how to make a "classic" Irish coffee, which should be made in a 6 oz-8oz glass mug with a handle (but whatever you have around the house will work):

1. Warm the glass by running it under hot water.

2. Fill glass 2/3 with coffee.

3. Add 2 teaspoons of sugar and stir.

4. Add 1 oz of whiskey.

5. Top with heavy cream or whipped cream.

6. Drizzle Creme de Menthe on top (optional, but totally recommended!)

If you're not drinking, obviously skip the whiskey and Creme de Menthe, and it will still taste yummy. You could also use Irish Creme coffee creamer or Irish Cream-flavored coffee to make your drink ever more over the top.

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