Coupon Queen Saves Hundreds on Groceries

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couponsThe famous "Coupon Queen" (a.k.a Susan J. Samtur) did the unthinkable: She saved $211.28 from an original grocery bill of $211.70—meaning she only paid $0.42 for a cartload of groceries.

How did she do it?

With coupons, of course!


Susan definitely considers herself to be coupon-savvy—using a vast collection of coupons she gets from newspapers, from stores, and in the mail. But she admits that this was an extraordinary accomplishment even for her!

Here are Susan's five tips for how to get organized and save big cash on your grocery bill with coupons:

  • Make a grocery list: Categorize each item and include exactly which size is on sale. Refer to this list when shopping so you don't choose the wrong (full-priced) size.
  • Double, triple, quadruple your discount by saving your coupons until the item is on sale.
  • Don't use coupons just because you have them. Only use them for items you actually need or would ordinarily buy.
  • Check unit prices. Coupons are sometimes most valuable when applied to smaller-sized products.
  • Never pay full-price for cereal. There are always lots of coupons for cereal so look for the deals and stock up.

I'm pretty impressed by this Coupon Queen. What's the most you've saved using coupons?

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