Should Kids Be Allowed to Bring Parents a Beer?


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Here's an interesting Food and Drink Question that's sparked quite a bit of controversy among CafeMoms:

Should children be allowed to bring parents a beer from the fridge?

Most moms commented that they didn't think this was a big deal—as long as kids know alcohol is for adults only and they are old enough to safely handle a glass bottle. One mom even good-naturedly joked that the whole point of having kids is so that they can get things for you!

But other moms had an issue with this situation: They thought it was inappropriate for a child to handle a "grown-up" beverage. Period.

I'm sort of in the middle with respect to my opinion on the matter. I can remember bringing my dad a cold beer from the fridge once in a while, and I don't think it affected me one way or the other. Still, I have to agree with some of the moms' comments: If my husband asked my kid to grab him a beer, I think I would be like, "Seriously? Stop being lazy and just get it yourself!"

What do you think? Do you allow this in your house?

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Kaci_... Kaci_Eden

If an 18 year old is not even allowed to serve alcohol at a restaraunt, why are kids allowed to get beer for their lazy parents?  If you are going to put that poison into your body, do it yourself, don't let your kids be any part of it.  That is just pure laziness.

adria... adrianna1043

Personally I dont think that a child bringing a beer to a parent is that big of a deal, I would not have that it going on in my own home, and I couldnt care less if someone else does.  I think that people that drink and drive with their kids is a big deal, doing drugs in front of their children is a big deal, and any other criminal acts in front of kids is a big deal.  I think a lot of moms are so caught up in degrading other moms for their parenting style that they miss the big picture and that is that our family should be our main focus and everything else should be handled by the appropriate channels. 

celti... celticreverie

Becka loves to grab ANYTHING from the fridge, and usually opens it to get her cheese or drinks (she's two) so DH will occasionally ask her while she's digging around in there to get him a beer and she loves it. She loves helping. She just yells in a silly voice "OK dad" and runs to him quickly (he has cans), and she thinks it's fabulous!

She doesn't drink the stuff.

callm... callmeann

We always told our kids it would make them sleepy but because adults were big, they could drink a little bit and it wouldn't do that to them.  What kid wants to go to sleep? and, it isn't the same mystique as "it's only for grown ups"  I mean, you may as well say that if they want to feel grown up then drink alcohol.  So, all alcohol was called 'sleepy stuff'.  Hey, it's true.

callm... callmeann

18 y/o can serve it in Texas, they just can't drink it.

Jenny... Jenny_poo

I see nothing wrong with it. As far as I can remember I was always fetching my dad a beer, and never thought anything of it. When my baby gets older, I am sure she will be asked to bring me a beer, or a pop....what is the difference to the child? Cause I don't think they are interested in the drink.

nonmember avatar Sarah

Ok.... Just out of curiosity, the same parents who think it is ridiculous to "fetch" beer... Do they bring other things? Soda IS an adult drink.... Bring the "romote" IS an adult item.... And what about when you ask a child to bring a "diaper" for you get siblings.... Definitely adult responsibility..... So is it really bad or is this just another excuse to make the next generation of kids LAZY?

nonmember avatar M

It's fine every once in a while in cases such as when a parent is or has been working all day and only asks for one...What is not okay is when lazy adults sit on the computer, tv or xbox every day/night ignoring their children except for when they holler for the kids to bring them a beer...

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