Should Kids Be Allowed to Bring Parents a Beer?


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Here's an interesting Food and Drink Question that's sparked quite a bit of controversy among CafeMoms:

Should children be allowed to bring parents a beer from the fridge?

Most moms commented that they didn't think this was a big deal—as long as kids know alcohol is for adults only and they are old enough to safely handle a glass bottle. One mom even good-naturedly joked that the whole point of having kids is so that they can get things for you!

But other moms had an issue with this situation: They thought it was inappropriate for a child to handle a "grown-up" beverage. Period.

I'm sort of in the middle with respect to my opinion on the matter. I can remember bringing my dad a cold beer from the fridge once in a while, and I don't think it affected me one way or the other. Still, I have to agree with some of the moms' comments: If my husband asked my kid to grab him a beer, I think I would be like, "Seriously? Stop being lazy and just get it yourself!"

What do you think? Do you allow this in your house?

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Kelly... Kelly4270

No, I don't think that it's a good idea.  It makes me feel weird just thinking about it.

dutch... dutchessj

Your children are not barmaids/bartenders, maids/servants. Children shouldnt be made to wait on their parents at all unless the parent is disabled.

ivelo... ivelostmyself

i think its a personal preference. i dont see anything wrong with the people who choose not to do it, but we do. our kids arent traumatized. they fully understand the whole adult beverage concept. they are more than glad to do it~in fact, if we have beer in the fridge, as soon as my DH pulls in the driveway they are fighting over who gets to get the first beer..

tgiamt tgiamt

My dad always had a keg, so unless we were camping it was a bit more involved then "hey grab me a beer while your in there". But I will say that at 10 I could pour a draft better than a lot of bartenders. My dad worked his ass off, I remember helping him build a fence and he asked me to get him a beer. I see no problem with it. And I'm not a raging alcy. I hardly drink and when I do its hard stuff, no beer.

tyrel... tyrelsmom

I'm just wondering if anyone who thinks it's lazy has ever asked their child to bring them anything.  I see no difference in a child bringing you a soda or a beer.   I regularly ask my son to bring me a diaper for the baby.  Because I'm lazy?  No.  Because I'm dealing with his little brother, and he jumps at the chance to do it.  He loves to help out.

Kiter Kiter

depends. are they 4 or 14?

my 4 yr old- no.

a 10 yr old?- I don't see a problem with that.  at 10 mine wouldn't even notice what it was if I asked them to bring my that bottle on the table.

but we rarely drink and actuallly not beer, we drink a little wine. like 4-5 times a year. and usually when the kids are in bed.  we have had wine coolers a couple times and they have brought me one or 2.

resam... resamerie

I would never ask ny child to grab me a beer or anything else alcohilic. Same as I wouldn't ask my child to grab my cigarettes for me. It's just wrong.

evyth... evythecute

i dont think its cute for parents to ask their kids to be tinny bartenders. not something i would ever do.

kimaam kimaam

oh also my 3 yr old took his dad a beer a few days ago when he was outside cutting the weeds... and the can was closed so i dont see anything wrong with that at all. its not like he can open it.

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