Should Kids Be Allowed to Bring Parents a Beer?


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Here's an interesting Food and Drink Question that's sparked quite a bit of controversy among CafeMoms:

Should children be allowed to bring parents a beer from the fridge?

Most moms commented that they didn't think this was a big deal—as long as kids know alcohol is for adults only and they are old enough to safely handle a glass bottle. One mom even good-naturedly joked that the whole point of having kids is so that they can get things for you!

But other moms had an issue with this situation: They thought it was inappropriate for a child to handle a "grown-up" beverage. Period.

I'm sort of in the middle with respect to my opinion on the matter. I can remember bringing my dad a cold beer from the fridge once in a while, and I don't think it affected me one way or the other. Still, I have to agree with some of the moms' comments: If my husband asked my kid to grab him a beer, I think I would be like, "Seriously? Stop being lazy and just get it yourself!"

What do you think? Do you allow this in your house?

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jcsmummy jcsmummy

i would never make my kids bring me one ,but if they are happy to do it then why not?  my dad would come home on friday after work and ask for a beer, and me & my siblings would fight over who got to bring it. he was not an alcoholic by any means.

L.a.u... L.a.u.r.a.

we don't hardly drink at all...and when we do its when the kids are in bed. I have no real reason for it, i just prefer no alcohol in front of the kids...  But I asked my 7 year old her opinion, is it OK for kids to bring their dad or mom a beer or any other alcohol, she said  "yes, as long as they aren't drinking it, its fine"

mlreg... mlregalado

I don't let my 14 y/o but my SIL does let her 14 y/o and has been for years... I find it... objectionable.

mom4ary mom4ary

omg people make an issue out of everything these days... yes ive asked my 5 year old to get me a beer out of the fridge... i also ask her to throw stuff away and put her stuff in the laundry... and put her dishes in the sink when shes finished... ill ask her to grab me a diaper for the baby or what have you... 9 out of 10 times shes more than happy to help me out.  its not being lazy, its asking someone for a favor or help the same way you would ask anyone. until you can get drunk holding a can or bottle i see no issue!

busykids busykids

This is not an issue in our home, because we don't drink.

lvmy4... lvmy4boyz

I'm sorry, coming from a family of addictions, no way is that appropriate. Everyone does things differently so I'm not trying to offend anyone but kids should be kids and the have enough pressures in life. There's respect and boundaries that i feel should take place. I used to drink and at the time i don't think it bothered me but now i look at things differently. They will learn things fast enough so why grow up any faster. I guess its a personal choice but i don't want that in my house.

AligirlP AligirlP

I think it is 100% okay. It is something that a very young child can do whether it is a beer/alcoholic drink or a pop or a treat of some kind. They like to help.

Don't your kids help you clean up and perhaps put things in the garbage? They understand they are not to play with that... well for the most part right? :)

My son knows the Diet Dr Pepper is mine and Mt Dew is my husbands. He knows I don't drink beer but sometimes his Daddy does. He will offer me a wine cooler but not a beer. He knows which beer is for Grandma and which is for Grandpa. He enjoys bringing me a chip if he happens to be eating one too or a piece of candy. They just like to help.

On the whole train of thought where they understand it is not for them here's a funny story.

My aunt was playing "McDonalds drive through" with my young cousin (he must have been 3 or 4 at that time) any way she placed her order of fries and a burger and he asked her "would you like an adult beverage with that?"

livinglo livinglo

To me drinking is like a monster in a closet.  You do not know if the monster is nice or awful (addictive) until you let him out.  If you let him out by showing kids it is okay to drink and then find out they are one of the lucky ones with a genetic predisposition to alcoholism then you have an awful monster on the loose.  Why don't we just make the sacrifice and do not drink until our kids are all grown and keep the monster in the closet.

Inle_... Inle_Rabbit

As long as a child understands that he can have the beer to drink than it's fine. Children are around adult items every day and manage to stay away from them. Maybe it's a razor or a cooking appliance or just your cell phone. They understand what is theirs and what isn't so I don't see what the big deal is.

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