Should Kids Be Allowed to Bring Parents a Beer?


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Here's an interesting Food and Drink Question that's sparked quite a bit of controversy among CafeMoms:

Should children be allowed to bring parents a beer from the fridge?

Most moms commented that they didn't think this was a big deal—as long as kids know alcohol is for adults only and they are old enough to safely handle a glass bottle. One mom even good-naturedly joked that the whole point of having kids is so that they can get things for you!

But other moms had an issue with this situation: They thought it was inappropriate for a child to handle a "grown-up" beverage. Period.

I'm sort of in the middle with respect to my opinion on the matter. I can remember bringing my dad a cold beer from the fridge once in a while, and I don't think it affected me one way or the other. Still, I have to agree with some of the moms' comments: If my husband asked my kid to grab him a beer, I think I would be like, "Seriously? Stop being lazy and just get it yourself!"

What do you think? Do you allow this in your house?

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SufiM... SufiMajik

I agree with other moms that its okay to bring dad a beer. I did it for my dad when he was working on the car in the driveway in the hot sun all day. I think its just common decency to bring a refreshment of your dads choice to him. He is the breadwinner and works so hard, thats the least I could of done. If he, my dad or my DH were being lazy on the couch, like a drunken fool, then I would't do it. Otherwise, its ridiculous to think that touching a deer makes you more likely to drink. I don't drink at all, ever, I don't like it. It was around all the time when I was growing up. I think if you make things taboo or a no, then kids OBVIOUSLY want to know what all the mystery is about.

Thats when trouble happens, when parents are dictators and say no when they should relax about it.

MommyKat MommyKat

I think its inappropriate to ask the kids to go get a beer but I never stopped them from offering.   I think if they handle it offten and not leave it to the adults then it is just asking for them to get into it and have a drink themselves.


Starr... StarrAngel

I cant even drink with my kids around, so no I wouldnt ever ask a kid to bring me a beer.  kids have no reason to be touching alchol at all.

julio... julionna_lion

I brought my grandfather 1 to 5 beers a day for....oh, lets say 14 years. And I am fine. I didnt do the underage drinking (much LOL) and I am not an alchoholic. Nor have I ever been a binge drinker or any unhealthy alchohol related stuff.

Carli17 Carli17

Only if your latino just playing! but honestly, i think its okay i did that when i was little and didnt think anything of it.

madam... madamekatekate

I never even knew this was an issue! lol. As long as it's in it's container (can or bottle), I don't see the issue.  Asking them to open it, pour it and bring it to you...THAT'S a different story!

But as long as your children understand that it is an adult beverage and they can't have it I don't think it's a big deal.

And for women who are freaking out about the "laziness" factor...How often do you ask your children to "hand me that towel so I can fold it, honey," or "can you take this to the trash for mommy?" It's the same premise. Children can help with simple things like that...Getting a drink from the fridge isn't like making them laundering the tapestries.

mamap... mamapaparazzi

I think it's fine, lol.  It's not like you're asking them to go grab your bong or your crack pipe or anything, lol.  Alcohol is legal, adults drink it, kids know that whether they're taught that or home or not... asking them to get one from the fridge is no big deal.

Craze... CrazedMomof2

We done drink at home (or anywhere much for that matter LOL) but my kids have grabbed me a soda, I dont see the difference..,,,,,,

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