Double Chocolate Mocha Truffle With Heath Bar

Oh my goodness. My brother's girlfriend brought over the most amazing dessert last night: Double Chocolate Mocha Truffle. It was layers of chocolate brownie, white chocolate/mocha pudding, whipped cream—all topped with Heath Bar chunks! I refused to let her leave until she copied down the recipe for us...

Did I really have to eat the whole thing?


double chocolate mocha truffle

Photography can't do this justice...

Double Chocolate Mocha Truffle

Chocolate brownies (from a box)

2 3.3 oz packages white chocolate pudding

1 3/4 cups cold milk

4 teaspoons instant coffee

2 cups Cool Whip

Heath Toffee Chunks or 2 Heath Bars (chopped)

Make a 9x13 pan of your favorite boxed chocolate brownies. Let cool and cut into 1inch x 1inch squares.

Mix white chocolate pudding into milk until it's thick. Dissolve instant coffee into 2 tablespoons of warm water. Mix into pudding. Fold cool whip into pudding and stir well.

Layer 1/3 brownies in bottom of bowl. Layer 1/3 pudding mix on top. Sprinkle Heath chunks. Continue until you have 3 layers. Chill until serving.

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