Best Coupon Web Sites?

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Searching for deals online? I found several Web sites offering coupons and promotional codes for discounts on brand name groceries including Kellogg cereals, Yoplait yogurt—even Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough.

There's a catch, right? Wrong!!!

Coupon Web sites have been around for a while, but are seeing a recent spike in traffic due to the recession. Visit these sites before hitting the grocery store, and you'll never pay full price again!


  • This Web site offers more than 90 printable coupons per day, most grocery- or drug store-related. (First-time users will need to download the free Coupon Printer software.) A current sampling of discounts include $5 on Huggies; $1 on V8; and $0.50 on Pillsbury Biscuits. New coupons are added almost every day.
  • Similar to, this Web site also offers printable coupons for the grocery and drug stores. Current savings include: $0.40 off Betty Crocker Potatoes and $1 off Blue Diamond Almonds.
  • A favorite of Oprah viewers, this site offers printable coupons, pulling mostly from and However, this site also provides restaurant coupons, online codes, and free samples.
  • site aggregates up-to-date promotional codes for discounts on online shopping. For example, right now on the site there is a coupon for $5 off a $50 online purchase at Target. However, the site also directs you to printable coupons for grocerries, often on the retailer's Web site (example: $0.50 for Betty Crocker Cookie Mix at or $2.50 off a Bertolli Frozen Meals from the official Bertolli Web site).
  • You may have gotten local Val Pak coupons in the mail. I like the Web site because you can search for printable coupons by zip code and then by category (Groceries, Beauty, Home, Restaurants, etc). Currently in my area, there are 62 grocery coupons including Buy One Get One Free for Meaty Bone Dog Biscuits and $1 off Kellogg Frosted Flakes.

And, of course, if you don't want to remember all these sites, you can always use Google: Just enter "the site/store/product you are looking for" + "coupon/discount".

Which online coupon site do you like to use?

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