Keep Food Fresh With Sara Moulton

I detest overripe bananas—all brown and squishy and bruised! But these days even if they go bad, I force myself to eat them to save money. I know you've been there: When money's tight, we need to stretch our grocery budget as best we can...

Good Morning America's Sara Moulton tells us how to store perishables—dairy, fruit, vegetables, meat—so that they last as long as possible. I'm taking her advice so that there are no more squishy bananas in my future!


The following are Sara Moulton's top tips for keeping food fresh:

  • Store eggs in their carton in the back of the refrigerator—not the door—because that is where it's the coldest.
  • Store milk in glass bottles or glass jar with a lid and it will last twice as long.
  • Tightly wrap meat, poultry, and fish in a resealable bag with air pressed out. If you are not using immediately, freeze.
  • Store fruits and vegetables separately to make them last longer, and DO NOT put them in the fridge when wet because that makes them go bad quickly. Contrary to what Rachel Ray says, we should wash fruits and vegetables immediately before eating/cooking—not as soon as we get home from the store.
  • If you know you can't use fruits and vegetables before they go bad, blanch and then freeze them.

How do you store food so that it lasts as long as possible?

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