Farmer's Markets in Full Swing

Fall is my favorite season of the year because farmer's markets are in full swing, and there's always plenty of fresh food to eat.

Whenever I visit new places, I always try to stop by the farmer's market. It's a great way to support the local economy, meet cool people, and learn about the community.

This weekend while visiting St. Louis, I stopped by the Soulard Farmer's Market (pictured here), which is the oldest farmer's market west of the Mississippi. It was huge, carrying everything from pumpkins and Indian corn to avocados and live chickens. I even got to pet newborn kittens and try fresh, homemade donuts. Doesn't this sound like a blast? Well, then, join in the fun. Local Harvest is a great resource for finding farmer's markets near your community.

Which farmer's market do you think is the best?


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