How Often Do You Buy Milk?



Moms in the Stay At Home Moms Group (please join group to view) were dishing about how many gallons of milk their family goes through a week. Most families seem to drink about three to four gallons per week, but a few families (particularly those with three or more kids) are drinking up to 10 gallons per week!

That is a lot of milk, not to mention lots of trips to the grocery store!


How many gallons of milk does your family drink each week?

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girl_... girl_in_the_D

depends on how much cooking/baking i do but usually 1-2 gallons per week

Mom2j... Mom2jngnc

I have 4 sons, my dh and my brother... I go through 4 gallons of 1%, 2 gallons of whole (1 son, my brother and I), and then 1 1/2 gallons of soy.

Jesse... JessecaLynn

We usually got through 4 gallons a week.  I am afraid when my son gets older because my brother would put away 2 gallons about every other day it seemed when he was in high school.

ivelo... ivelostmyself

we go through at least a gallon a day. plus we live way out in the booney's so i do what my 90 year old grandmother does, and buy it in bulk then freeze it. my grocery store just had it on sale for $2 a gallon, so i stocked up! we have my DH, me, 2 girls ages 11 and 6, and 2 boys, ages 4 and 14 months. and i do alot of homemade cooking, so we go through tons. i told my DH i need my own milk cows!

Momma... MommaLucy

Its just me and the two boys...I don't drink milk often, and the youngest requires soy milk. I go through 1 gal of Skim every two weeks, and 1 gal of Soy every 2 weeks.

absmama absmama

We go through about a gallon of regular milk for me and oldest son) and a gallon of Lactaid milk (for DH and youngest son) every week.  Depending on what's on the menu, we go through a little more, but generally just the 2 gallons.

bhwrn1 bhwrn1

Usually 2-3 for us b/c our kids drink A LOT. But we will buy more if I am doing a lot of baking or cooking.

MrsSp... MrsSpecialistB

This depends on how many is in your family....My daughter and i go though about 2 gallons but when daddy's home up to 4 gallons a week!!

Josef... Josef1129

NONE! I have not bought milk in over two years, pushing three!  Josef is highly allergic to milk, milk protiens, etc so no milk and nothing with milk in it comes into our house.  Before we stopped buying milk I went thru *maybe* a gallon/week, it is just the three of us.

beccimae beccimae

There wasn't an option for none.  We don't drink milk.  Cow milk is for cow babies.  My kids just eat a balanced diet--no need for milk.

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