Beans Again?

It's hard to get inspired to cook dinner when all you have in the house is the same old canned veggies and boring chicken breast. Enter a new Web site called Not Beans Again, guaranteed to spice up your family meals.


This recipe-generating resource offers a handy "INGREDIOMETER." Just enter in whatever ingredients you have on hand, and the site spits out recipes using these ingredients. The thing that differentiates Not Beans Again from similar sites, is that these recipes are budget-friendly and don't require a ton of ingredients—really helpful now that money's tighter than ever.

After scrounging around in my fridge today, I typed in "Chicken," "Cheese," "Bell Pepper," and "Canned Tomatoes." And it gave me several yummy-sounding recipes, including one for Spanish Chicken, in which you simmer chicken with tomatoes and spices on the stove. I think I'll try it!

I find the INGREDIOMETER to be sort of addicting. What would you enter into it?

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