Which Tropicana Orange Juice Carton Is Better?

I chuckled when I read that orange juice drinkers across the nation were outraged when Tropicana recently redesigned the packaging of its pure premium orange juice—eliminating the iconic image of the orange with protruding straw. In fact, response was so negative that Tropicana announced it will bring back the previous version next month! Apparently, people are serious about their orange juice carton!

The image on the left is the new, redesigned packaging. The image on the right is the original packaging with the straw and orange. Which do you like better?


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According to an article in the New York Times, people unhappy with the redesign found the new packaging to be "ugly," "stupid," and resembling a "generic brand." Overall, customers found the new carton to be difficult to distinguish from other brands of orange juice. Pressure from people passionate about the old carton was so intense that Tropicana is returning to the original packaging.

What do you think? Are you outraged over the redesign of the Tropicana carton? Or do you find this whole business as hilariously irreverent as I do?

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