Starbucks Instant Coffee Gets Good Reviews

coffee mug

If there's one thing I'm a snob about it's coffee. So when I heard that Starbucks is debuting a new instant coffee in March, I balked. Why drink instant coffee? It's watered-down, and weak, and downright gross.

Apparently, my "wah-wah" Debbie Downer attitude is just the type that Starbucks is determined to best with it's VIA Ready Brew Instant Coffee. And if the positive reviews of the coffee are any indication, it may be well on its way to making me eat (drink?) my words.


According to reviewers at the Chicago Tribune, Starbucks instant coffee, available in Colombia and Italian Roast, tasted "surprisingly bold and complex," "pleasantly rich and assertive," and "totally acceptable."

And coffee junkies at Ad Age conducted an in-house coffee taste test and were unable to tell the difference between Starbucks instant coffee and its in-store brew.

Instant coffee packets are priced at $2.95 for three and $9.95 for 12—which comes out to less than a dollar a cup.

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