Would You Drink Slender Wine?

wine bottle

Uh oh. Like I need another excuse to drink more wine...

Fear of carb- and sugar-overload (sometimes) is enough to deter me from over-serving myself. But now a new naturally sweetened wine made in Indiana called Slender Wine has no sugar, no carbs, and no fat. There's even three kinds: white, red, and blush.


The buzz on the sugar-free Slender Wine is so intense that it will actually be included in the Oscar baskets this weekend at the 81st Academy Awards. Sweetened with Zerose, a naturally non-caloric sweetener, the wine is also advertised as not having an after-taste. Hmmmm...we'll see about that.

Unfortunately, Slender Wine has as many calories as regular wine. But a sugar-free and carb-free wine? That's worth at least check out once (or five times).

Would you try Slender Wine?

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