Is Dinner a Must for a Wedding Reception?

Kim Conte

I'm loving the wedding posts Cafe MicheleZ's doing in Beauty & Style Buzz. So far she's covered Romantic Wedding Themes and Wedding Rings.

All these same lines, I came across this interesting wedding-related dilemma: One anonymous CafeMom is considering not serving dinner at her wedding reception in order to save money. Wondering how her guests will react, she poses the question: Is dinner a must at a wedding reception?


If you are attending a wedding reception, do you expect to be served dinner?

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CafeMoms had lots of great advice for how to save money when planning food for a wedding:

  • breezy2005 and MidnightKarma advised asking family to chip in and help make the food yourself.
  • krazyash023 suggested keeping it simple by serving hors 'devours instead of dinner.
  • According to goatmom4, dinner is a must. But she had the great idea to keep it inexpensive by ordering pizzas or having a potluck. That way the bride and groom can start their marriage off debt-free.

What do you think?

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