Mom's Brownies Safe for Kids With Nut Allergies

kid fit browniesNew Jersey mom Laurie Yankelevih was sick and tired of trying to find desserts that her son, Hunter, who has a severe nut allergy, could eat. So what did she do? She developed her own nut-free, low-sugar, nutritious brownie recipe and now bakes and sells her brownies online.


It took Laurie months of testing recipes for her healthy, all-natural Kid-Fit Brownies before she finally settled on the current one. The brownies are nut-free, low in sugar, and even contain organic blueberries, organic spinach, and other nutritious ingredients. They are available to order online, $12 for four individually wrapped brownies.

Laurie decided to make and sell her own brownies because her son, Hunter, was born with a severe nut allergy and then a couple of years ago he was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention-Deficiency-Hyperactive-Disorder). She found that when she reduced his sugar intake, he remained focused and calm. And yet it was nearly impossible to find desserts for him—particularly at birthday parties or at restaurants—that were nut-free and/or not processed on equipment that had traces of nuts. Because there are so many kids with allergies similar to Hunter, Laurie wanted to make her brownies available to everyone. She is also trying to develop a version of the brownie that does not contain eggs for kids with egg allergies.

"Unless you bake it yourself at home, that's the only way you know your child is safe," Laurie says, "Not every mom has time to bake, so my brownies are a safe healthy alternative for busy moms."

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