Macaroni and Cheese of the Month Club


I was ecstatic this morning when I read in my Daily Candy e-mail about the Mac & Cheese of the Month Club. A different flavor of macaroni and cheese each month? What an absolutely brilliant idea!

Here's how it works: is an online meal delivery service offering a variety of foods with simple cooking instructions to make dinnertime easier for busy people. One of the offerings is the aforementioned Mac & Cheese of the Month Club, and while it's not affordable for the average family (3 months for $145; 6 months for $245; and 12 months for $500), at least we can get some cooking inspiration from the delicious-sounding flavors:

January: Fondue Mac & Cheese

February: Black Truffle Mac & Cheese with black truffle oil and sweet peas

March: Mediterranean Mac & Cheese with feta cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, and pesto

April: Penne With Five Cheeses including Parmesan, fontina, ricotta, mozzarella, and Gorgonzola

May: Cajun Mac & Cheese with sausage, sweet onions, green peppers, and pepper jack cheese

June: Pancetta and Pea Mac & Cheese

July: All-American Mac & Cheese

August: Caprese Mac & Cheese with tomato, basil, and fresh mozzarella

September: Wild Mushroom and Three Cheese Mac & Cheese

October: Pumpkin and Turkey Sausage Mac & Cheese

November: Carbonara Mac & Cheese with pancetta and garlic

December: Brie & Fig Mac & Cheese

Yum! I'll take some All-American Mac & Cheese, please!

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chudy... chudyschick1251


Jmum Jmum

Seriously. That's a lot. But the names have definitely inspired me.

lucho... luchousdiva

Wow that is alot for some mac and cheese, but somewhere out there they are paying for it. 

LilSt... LilStar9905

Pricey, i agree! Some of it does sound yummy!

skw3324 skw3324

I made the Ultimate Mac & Cheese yesterday. Check it out on my page under

Waco Easy Meals

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