Do You Have a Nutella Addiction?

Confession time: I have a serious obsession with Nutella, the smooth, spreadable chocolate-hazelnut confection. Whether it's paired with strawberries and bananas in a breakfast crepe at the diner down the street, spread on a slice of toast, or eaten straight from the jar, I just can't get enough.

I thought I was alone, but apparently people across the globe share my addiction...


An article in the LATimes reports that people the world over are nutty for Nutella. The popular snack dates back to 1946 when food rationing after World War II led an Italian baker named Pietro Ferrero to add ground hazelnuts to extend his cocoa supply. He then blended the combo into a spreadable sweet treat and the rest, as they say, is history. Since then Nutella has enjoyed a huge cult following among international celebrity chefs, bloggers, and regular folk. Nutella's Facebook page has a little more than two million fans—third only to Barack Obama and Coca-Cola.

Are you nuts for Nutella?

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